The HeartMark!

Connect through Love!


Please refer to the full catalog on or call
480.699.0694 to purchase.

Laminated Heartlings and HeartFlowers that HeartMark can be ordered from the catalog available on  Collect them all, for infinite variations!  Please send photos of your combinations so that I may post them.  They look great on a child's wall.

The HeartMarking Heartling figurines are made from non-toxic clay.  Each figurine makes the HeartMark.  Some even have a tail so that they can HeartMark others in the collection.  These range from $15-$20 depending on the size.   Scroll below to see a few samples

Heartlings and HeartFlowers are also available on a thick, durable and attractive puzzle material.  Each piece costs between $12-25 dollars, depending on the number of HeartMarking designs in it.  Please refer to its page number in the catalog available on those who quickly register. 

Jewelry pieces can be especially ordered by shape and color. 

Please ask to see the full catalog to order a specific design (available through

Prices for pendants are:  $10, $15, or $20, by size. 
Prices for figurines are $15 and $20. 

To order, call:  480.773.4617

Each piece is protected by a US Patent!  Each piece is also a trademark shape (and the copyrights are registered.) 


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