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Connect through Love!
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The HeartMark allows us to remain our wonderful, independent, unique selves, and yet to connect to others, because we love to connect, and we love that we are all connected!-- man+nature!
The motion to HeartMark is Tali Lehavi's invention.  In 1996, Tali Lehavi created cartoon characters that live on Planet Heart.(TM)   She was not sure how to draw hands, and she loved hearts, so she decided to have them HeartMark each other--curving their fingers in the shape of half a heart to make a heart together.  She named, patented, and trademarked the heart hand gesture as her signature business id.   The new HeartMark handhold became the Heartlings' (TM) way of expressing peace, love, respect, and hello.  Tali created stories, songs, games, crafts, and product lines that celebrate the HeartMark and the Heartlings.

For example, Tali developed the HeartMark into a dance style with positions that she named and choreography.  The Heartlings on Planet Heart were her first performers.  In 2003, Tali began to teach her ballet students the HeartMark dance and introduced it as her trademark motion. 

In 2004, Tali signed her first licensing contract to expand the HeartMark and teach it to others.  BZB Productions picked up the license and taught HeartMark Dance at Temple Emmanuel and at the VoJCC.  In 2008, Young Chef's Academy picked up the HeartMark gesture and motion license in order to help children focus on their nutrition.  The HeartMark gesture is a regular part of the script for every Girl Scout cooking lesson and nutrition lectures in the west coast.  Tali created HeartMark Health(TM) with original lectures on nutrition and original recipes, to teach children and adults to use the HeartMark in order to focus on good health.  Tali gave her HeartMark Health lectures at Sprouts Supermarkets, Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital, and at Kids Fair. 

At ShapeUP AZ March 2009, Tali recently launched an exciting new toy as a way to promote her trademark motion to create a heart.  It is called HeartMark Hop!(TM)  Children make a HeartMark as they jump a particular choreography.  Visit the HeartMark Hop website to learn the rules of the game at

Tali wants the HeartMark gesture and motion to connect hands with a heart to replace the typical handshake, high five, or peaceful yoga pose shanti.  The HeartMark can be used to look through to see what you love, to send and spread positive aura, to breathe through positive energy and exhale stale air, to focus and align the mind, body, and spirit, to apologize, to spread joy, to express hope, to connect to yourself, and also to connect to others.

"We are all connected, and when we connect, we connect through love!" 

Help to pass the HeartMark on!  Support the website, send in your photos of yourself heartmarking, buy t-shirts, decals, and new products. 

You can contribute to the planet.  Please suggest links and turn the HeartMark into a community where we can all connect!  If you have ideas on how to send eheartmarks, please help!

You can also follow Tali on Twitter as she passes the HeartMark on!  twitter/talilehavi
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